J&J is a world class General Service Contractor.  We provide client with personalized care and assistance for your tradeshow and meeting event needs starting with freight delivery, to designing and servicing your booth, we know everything there to know about the industry and it shows in our every move. Our customer-friendly event managers work diligently with you to ensure orders are accurate and support teams are ready to act. We ensure accurate placement of all materials, booth and meeting room AV. J&J can also help create engaging exhibits that attract. We partner with you to meet your budget demands without sacrificing quality. Whether this is your first show or you are a seasoned veteran, our innovative ideas will help to raise your brand to the next level.

Working with J&J means not having to sweat the small stuff.


J&J has earned success in the industry for over ninety years.  In that time we have serviced numerous exhibits, conventions, sales meetings and special events in the Chicagoland area and throughout the country.  Our dedication to our customers and their exhibitors has secured multi-year contracts with many associations and earned us a 98% rate of repeat business.  Make J&J your first and last choice.  Our reputation is proven.


Working with J&J means not having to sweat the small stuff.


Our team of professional drivers commands the road whether local or cross country ensuring that your freight gets to where it needs to go.


J&J works closely with exhibitors who seek to improve traffic to their booth. Improved traffic patterns, stunning graphics, electronic media, even virtual reality, contribute to your ROI and solutions that fit your budget.


Dedicated Account Team

J&J’s most important strength is its people. Our people - from the President to the front-line employee – embodies the “whatever it takes” philosophy that sets us apart. The responsiveness with which we answer customer questions and concerns, and the effort we put forth to understand a customer’s needs demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our comprehensive service philosophy. At J&J  we strongly believe our job is to exceed expectations.

Graphic Design and Production

Innovative graphics and show décor can spark excitement for an event like nothing else.  J&J's designers have fresh, new, creative ideas to spread your message.

Branding and Signage

Next, J&J directs exhibitors to an online portal, which allows them to save time, reduce effort, and save money, letting them focus these resources on what really matters. J&J's tools also help exhibitors see where their money is going, so they can make better decisions and understand the ROI of their event investment.

Audio-Visual Services

From general sessions that “wow” to breakout rooms that run smoothly our team delivers digital services, audio visual technology and the equipment and team that effectively engage attendees at any event.

Exhibitor Services

We understand tradeshows are extremely complex, especially for exhibitors. J&J is proud to offer extensive and comprehensive pre-show planning assistance. Experienced and courteous Exhibitor Service Team Members will contact your exhibitors prior to move-in to confirm all advance requirements and pertinent show information.  We offer  and Online Exhibitor Service Center that is user friendly and available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Event Equipment and Furniture

J&J is proud to offer a large inventory of the finest equipment available in the industry.  Our  inventory is subject to strict quality control and standard inspections take place once every quarter to replace or repair unacceptable inventory items.

Advance Warehousing/Drayage

Move-in schedules are tight and margin for error small. J&J has the resources available and the procedures in place to consistently orchestrate a smooth and timely move-in. Our material handling capabilities are unparalleled and exhibitor friendly. Our rates are competitive and our warehouse receiving deadline dates are generous.

Freight Services

J&J is a asset-based, full-service freight company offering specialized freight services and time-definite pick-ups throughout the United States and Canada.  Our drivers are full-time employees, experienced in the industry.

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