Delivered in a Chicago Day

Belgospischeprom Trading House is the State Concern of the Food Industry in the Republic of Belarus, Eastern Europe. Exhibiting at the 2018 Sweets and Snack Expo at the McCormick Place Convention Center, their representatives arrived in Chicago two days before show start only to discover that their booth had not arrived and would not make it in time for the show! A key objective to this group's existence is to boost overseas sales. Thus, failure was not an option.


Faster Than A Speeding Printer

The Belarus team looked across the street of McCormick Place and contacted the J&J Exhibitor's Graphics division for help. Launching into action, the client's designers sent over the artwork, booth footprint and layout parameters. We then set to work building their booth, printing their graphics, coordinating union labor and completing installation - within 24 hours and in time for the show's start!

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