22-Year Preferred Carrier: J&J Motor

The Clean Show attracts all facets of the laundering, dry cleaning and textile-care industry, from single-owner, coin-operated laundries and dry cleaning establishments to giant industrial and institutional laundries and textile services. Exhibitors are comprised of product manufacturers and service and supply providers.

Held every two years, J&J Motor has been the preferred carrier since 1997. In addition to serving show management, J&J's also services several exhibitors.



Clean Shows. Professional Service. Strong Relationships.

While J&J focuses on large exhibits and booths, we work closely with exhibitors of all sizes – large and small. We also specialize in handling heavy equipment, including 15,000 lb washing machines, and 30,000 lb tunnel washers. Show management relies on J&J Motor's vast experience with the transportation and heavy lifting aspect of the show, while trusting us to serve their most particular exhibitors.

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