Since 1971, ARPAC Group has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of innovative end-of-line secondary packaging solutions.  With over 20,000 installations worldwide, ARPAC packaging systems have been successfully installed in the following industries:  food, beverage, printing and publishing, pharmaceuticals, personal care, building supplies, automotive, material handing and a wide variety of industrial and consumer products.  From a single show delivery to a calendar of back-to-back events, J&J Motor Service is ARPAC Group’s trade show transportation partner.  No one understands the trade show business like J&J.  From weight tickets to target dates, material handing to shipment tracking, we understand the issues that impacts ARPAC Group’s bottom line.  We offer:  targeted date and time-specific deliveries; direct delivery to show site or to the advance receiving warehouse; multiple pick-ups and/or deliveries; shipments of crated or skidded material or material requiring pad wrapping and specialized logistics; show to show caravans; freight services for private marketing events and tours; last minute, expedited and international shipments. 


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